Navigating the World of Bitcoin Ordinals ft. Harto

Kaloh's Podcast | Harto is a digital artist from Spain, he also works as a curator at Vivid Ordinals.

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Harto is a Spanish generative artist and a curator at Vivid Ordinals. Mixing nature, theater, and digital ideas, he studied industrial design, which helped him start his art career. When the pandemic hit in 2020, he switched from traditional theater art to the digital world, especially NFTs. His work quickly gained attention, being shown in places like New York, Miami, and Hong Kong. A big moment for Harto was helping launch the first NFTs into space with SpaceX and NASA.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Transition to blockchain art (00:02:12) Harto’s transition from traditional design and art to blockchain art, and the influence of the pandemic on this shift.

Early projects and collaborations (00:04:02) Harto’s initial projects, including collaborations with brands and the exploration of NFTs.

Exploration of generative coded art (00:08:31) Coding and generative art, the challenges and time commitment involved.

Inspiration behind the "Golden Ratio" collection (00:11:36) Harto’s inspiration from nature and the Fibonacci sequence, led to the creation of the "Golden Ratio" collection.

Experience with Ordinals and inscribing art on Bitcoin (00:14:32) Experience with Ordinals and the technical complexities.

Randomization and curation in art collections (00:20:33) Discussion on randomization and curation in art collections, including Harto’s approach to creating curated collections.

Role in Vivid Gallery (00:24:29) Insights of Harto’s role as a curator at Vivid Gallery.

Interacting with Collectors (00:30:05) The importance of human connections and personal interactions with collectors in the blockchain community.

Art on Different Blockchains (00:31:49) Different blockchains and Harto’s focus on Ordinals, highlighting their unique features.

Bitcoin's Security and Use Cases (00:33:11) Discussion of the security and advantages of Bitcoin over other blockchains, and its potential for diverse use cases.

Emerging Artists on Ordinals (00:40:44) Harto shares insights on the evolving ecosystem of generative art on Ordinals and the growing interest from artists and collectors.

Inspirational Artists (00:43:20) Harto shares his admiration for artists like Joe Pease, Rip Cache, and Medusa, highlighting their unique styles and contributions to the art world.

Mentioned: Art Blocks, Vivid Gallery, Joe Pease, FAR, Medusa, Rip Cache, Open Sea, Ethereum, On Chain Monkey, Tezos, Solana, Bitcoin, Magic Eden, Gamma, Formation, Blocks, Accumulation, Golden Ratio, Rising Echoes.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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