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Creating, collecting and curating AI Art feat ClownVamp

Creating, collecting and curating AI Art feat ClownVamp

Listen now | Kaloh's Podcast | ClownVamp is an AI artist, collector, and curator. Last month, his Chester Charles collection was curated by Super Rare in NYC.

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Kaloh’s Podcast Episode #3: ClownVamp.Kaloh’s Podcast Episode #3: ClownVamp.
Kaloh’s Podcast Episode #3: ClownVamp.

ClownVamp is a multifaceted AI artist, collector, and curator. He is widely known for his storytelling skills, creating AI art series that tell fictional and nonfictional tales. Last month, his Chester Charles collection was curated by Super Rare and presented in a solo show in NYC.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[2:17] The meaning behind “ClownVamp” and selling a crypto punk to buy art.

[7:00] Curating the Deep Fake Show with Super Chief Gallery and Foundation and telling stories.

[12:00] The secret to finding a style when creating AI art and examples from Detective Jack and Panic series.

[18:00] Burning mechanisms, letting your collectors make decisions, and participatory art like QQL, fx(params), and Patrick Amadon’s Doppelgänger.

[25:30] Chester Charles collection, curated by Super Rare and Transient Labs, and the challenges and differences when creating online and physical shows (as a curator or artist).

[38:20] MAIF AI art group, its beginnings as a Twitter chat group, and how to join.

[41:20] Advice for emerging and aspiring AI artists.

[45:00] AI artists to watch: Pale Kirill, Julien Pacaud, Daniel Jerome Obispo, Anna Condo, and more…

[46:00] Platforms, marketplaces, and galleries to watch: Skalda (by Taj and 0009), Super Chief Gallery, Bright Moments, Kate Vass, EmProps.

[50:00] The future of AI art and what is next for ClownVamp.

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Until next time,

- Kaloh

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