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Kaloh's Podcast | Nathaniel Emodi is the Co-Founder & CEO at

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Nathaniel Emodi is the Co-Founder and CEO of and previously led the Caviar business at Square and DoorDash. He's now driving's, enabling generative art and NFTs on Ethereum and compatible L2s. In a short period of time, is gaining traction among leading artists, organizations, and platforms for its groundbreaking approach to digitally native art and collectibles.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Projects in Paris (00:00:30) Involvement in projects with Bright Moments and support for artists in residence.

Zancan’s generative art collection in partnership with Coinbase and Bright Moments (00:01:52) Details about the generative art collection launch with Zancan on

Mobile accessibility in digital art space (00:09:26) The importance of mobile accessibility in the digital art space and the focus on improving mobile experiences. and its features (00:10:31) tools for creating, collecting, and selling digital art.

Partnership with Foundation (00:14:18) Details about the partnership with Foundation and interoperability with other marketplaces and platforms.

Artist Ownership and Platform Risk (00:19:03) Emphasis on artists owning their smart contracts, addressing platform risk, and the importance of artist ownership.'s Future and Marketplace (00:21:35) Plans for's future include focusing on the artist toolkit and developing a complementary marketplace.

Fragmentation and Bridging (00:32:29) Addressing the challenges of fragmentation in the digital art space and's role in bridging between different chains.

Cross-chain minting (00:35:06) Discussion on the feature allowing payment with ethereum from any chain for purchasing artwork on different chains.

Trends in digital ownership (00:40:40) Excitement about technical innovations, consumer experiences, and the explosion of digitally native artwork, as well as the potential for broader adoption.

Worries and uncertainties (00:44:58) Concerns about the slow NFT market, uncertain prospects for sustainable income for artists, and the timing of broader adoption of digital ownership.

Displaying Digital Art (00:53:27) Exploration of the challenges in displaying digital art collections and the potential for innovative solutions, like digital displays and social networks.

Mentioned:, Bright Moments, Zancan, Foundation, Farcaster, Ethereum, Tezos, Coinbase, Zora, Polygon, Opensea, Base, Etherscan, MetaMask, Ana Maria Caballero, Melissa Wiederrecht, 0xfff, Kevin Esherick, Catalog, GAZELL.iO, Miss Metaverse.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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